Anti Cute


Yes, yes. They may look cute, but you don’t have to live with them.

This page is dedicated to all the things the children do that get right on my Smash Hits (made up slang).

I think this list may become quite lengthy.


1/ The way they hold their feet at right-angles to the sock/tights you are trying to dress them in quickly.

2/ The way they plant barefoot-bothering Cheerios around the house – like mini cereal IEDs.

3/ The way they insist that they like my expensive strong cheese and then spit it out into my hand.

4/ The way Charlie insists repeatedly that he doesn’t need a poo and then immediately does one in his pants. Whilst standing next to the potty/toilet.

5/ The way Mathilda wants me to help her build something with her bricks, but doesn’t take on board any of my construction tips.

6/ The way they┬áinterrupt our evening meal by shouting for us from bed, because they can’t find something they have taken to bed with them even though it’s lying right next to them in their sodding bed.