The Naughty Chair

We have a naughty chair.

This may, at some stage in the future, turn into a naughty step. Or even a naughty lockable broom cupboard.

But for now it is a chair. And it’s good.

(update: the chair is now a step. As predicted.)

Granny, H and I have all assumed the joint role of Judge, Jury and Gaoler many times since we instated this particular kind of internment. And i must say i have developed rather a taste for it.

I’m even thinking of getting a couple of toddler-sized orange boiler suits.

A selection of their heinous crimes, plus time served, is detailed below.


October 19th/23rd/29th & Nov 1st

Charlie – persistently not wanting to get dressed/undressed – 2 mins (for each offence)


October 29th

Mathilda – Throwing a wooden level-crossing at Charlie’s head – 2 mins


November 6th

Charlie – Climbing on Granny’s Sofa – 2 mins


November 6th

Mathilda – Emptying a pot of pencils onto the floor and, on being asked to clear up, refused with the retort ‘You do it!’ – 2 mins


November 17th

Mathilda – Smacking Charlie around the head. On purpose. – 2mins


December 21th

Mathilda – Shouting ‘No you do it, it’s your job” at H – 2 mins.