Terrible Twos Watch

Eight days into their third year and Terrible Twos are coming, in all their Piqueousness (made up  word).

So welcome to Terrible Twos Watch, a not-so-real time account of conniption and umbrage.


September 13 2011: Breakfast

Charlie looses it because H is wearing my dressing gown.

Unreasonable tears.


September 13 2011: Maggie Mae's Birthday Party

Charlie looses it when playing pass the parcel, even when he won a prize.

Confused by the rules.


September 14 2011: Sainsbury's, Walthamstow

Charlie looses it and lies face down on the floor refusing to move because granny wouldn’t give him the precise banana he wanted. When confronted with the threat of ‘Going to get the man to tell him off’, his retort was, ‘go and get the man’.



September 20 2011: The Flat, Walthamstow

Mathilda looses it real hard, because she didn’t want to go to bed. Repeated attempts to ignore resulted her joining me in the lounge. We watched the football together in silence. 90 minutes later she lost it again when i put her in bed. This time i stood firm.



September 29 2011: Rose Cottage, Saffron Walden

Charlie looses it when he was told he wasn’t allowed to have chocolate for breakfast.

No more Heroes.


October 27 2011: Marks & Spencer, Cambridge

Charlie totally looses it when he was told to stop running round a column in the checkout queue, as it wasn’t Fireman Sam’s pole.



December 21 2011: Barcroft, Great Chesterford

Mathilda Shouts, “No you do it, it’s your job” when H asked her to do something.

Naughty Step.


June 23 2012: Barcroft, Great Chesterford

Charlie goes absolutely postal because he wasn’t allowed to take the entire contents of his cuddly toy bucket downstairs.

New levels.