The World of Nature!

Nature is incredible, inspiring and fascinating.

Lots of people in the world don’t like nature, they don’t use it for anything or even not wanting to make their garden look nice. I know I can’t do anything to┬áchange how people think┬ábut today me, Charlie, Dude and Daddy went on a long walk and here are some things I saw:

  • 1 great tit
  • tones of daisies
  • 4 rooks
  • 7 gulls
  • 6 fieldfares
  • 1 kestrel
  • 2 blue tits
  • 1 robin
  • 10 leaning trees
  • 2 wrens
  • 9 long tailed tits

It’s always good to go and see nature once and a while even if you might prefer to stay inside to watch tv or play a video game (like Charlie would). It may seem that it is worthless but is always good to get out even if you just go take your dog for a short walk in the morning. My most fave thing about nature is how creative evolution has made our incredible world.

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