The children have found the ‘notes’ app on H’s phone.


The overview

Some messages from Charlie are typically random…

Eat you out of the house

And some from Mathilda are typically mushy and heartfelt…



But, with Mathilda, there’s always a less sentimental side. Which brings us to my . . . → Read More: Emoji

Eco Warriors

Found these signs above bins and by sinks last night.

Pick up your litter

Turn the tap off

And hopefully the next ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign slogan from Charlie…

Pick up litter or England will go mouldy

Clearly school is having a positive effect.

I very much approve.

. . . → Read More: Eco Warriors

Singalong a Charlie

Found this on the boy’s Vtech fun camera.

A good insight into what goes on when it’s ‘Bedtime’.

This will definitely come in handy sometime in the future.

Obsession. Pour Femme.

Have you ever seen that episode of Family Guy when Chris gets obsessed with breasts? Shouts ‘Boobies’ all the time.

That’s Mathilda right now.

Loves to have a go on H’s and Granny’s.

So much so that she has created this, all on her own.

The Booby Book






. . . → Read More: Obsession. Pour Femme.

Yo, Ho, Ho…

It’s ‘Come Dressed as a Pirate Day’ at school.

My Hearties


When i was a boy we had a ‘Come Dressed as You Please Day’. I usually went as ‘Fat, ginger 80’s school kid’. Mr Gazdar (Cool, french teacher, polio) once went as a sperm.

It was that kind of school.

Anyhoo, back . . . → Read More: Yo, Ho, Ho…