My favourite newsletter of the school term has just hit my inbox.

Next term’s school dinner menu, AKA a list of food Charlie & Mathilda won’t try, AKA Jacket Potato again.


Looks delightful to me. Wholesome, local, tasty food for young active brains.

Apart form Week 1, Wednesday that is.

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Animal Star Wars

There’s a new game in the playground and that game is Animal Star Wars.

Apparently it’s like normal Star Wars (Good rebels, bad empires, poor prequals, etc) but you’re also an animal.

And here’s the best bit. Starring (totally original names)…

Charlie as R2T-Rex

Jessie as Luke Tiger

Ollie Cooper Rutterford as Anakin Pterodactyl

AMAZE. . . . → Read More: Animal Star Wars

We All Do That, Son

A short, atypical conversation with my son…

“Daddy, when i go for a wee and there is some toilet paper already in the toilet and it’s stuck to the side, do you know what i do?”

“What son?”

“I point my winkle at it and wee it off”

*Peers above spectacles from newspaper, proudly…*

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Full Sleeves

Latest work from Tilly’s Ink Shop.

Next week, Granny gets a butterfly on her backside.