Pocket Money

Pocket money has been introduced to the lives of C & M.

They each receive £2.50 per week, distributed every two weeks by me, in the form of a £5 note.

Too much? I don’t know.

Toys, magazines, sweets* and other treats – all have to be funded by this source from now on.

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Sitting on a Very Small Chair

And so to Great Chesterford CofE Primary Academy where last night H and I attended our inaugural parent’s evening.

We met the lovely Mrs Davies, who was sitting on a very small chair. We too, sat on very small chairs.

And there we were, knees by our chests, discussing Charlie and Mathilda’s life at big . . . → Read More: Sitting on a Very Small Chair

Operation Windmill

The boy has been punched at school.

Four times.

In the face. In the playground.

Can’t quite remember the name of the perpetrator – something like [Redacted] or [Redacted] (talk about nominative determinism) – but he is by all accounts the class bad boy, Reception’s reprobate, the Ne’er-do-well of YrR*

Anyhoo, it was all witnessed . . . → Read More: Operation Windmill