We have invented a word.

Well, Mathilda came up with it first but it has been wilfully adopted by Charlie and myself.

It’s an exclamation, in an swashbuckling, ‘parry in the middle of a sword fight whilst jumping off a falling table’ kind of way.

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Mathilda is terrible, and I mean terrible, at trying food.

I was just as bad when I was young, so she gets it from me, but nevertheless it’s a right pain in the arse.

She moans, she laughs nervously, she holds her mouth and tries anything to get out of trying the most delicious of . . . → Read More: Trust

Hello, I’m Charlie

Yesterday Daddy and me went on a Nature Trail and Daddy caught some fish.

Baby trout and a larvae (dragonfly?)

And we had really good fun there and Mummy and Mathilda brought me chocolate.

Hello, this is me and you would like to see me too coz i’m nice and playful.

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Hello World

Hello this is me, Mathilda. Hello, hello, hello.

And i have wrote these pictures because i do want to put them on my blog.

Thank you very much. My name is Mathilda.

This is my family, Mummy, Daddy and my brother Charlie and we are the Starr family.

Family by Tilly

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