Boden. Oi, Boden.

We’ve done a fashion shoot.

It was impromptu and took place on a walk through the fields around the village, but a fashion shoot it has turned out to be.

And as someone who has been in near continual employment since the age of ten (actual fact), i felt this was too good an opportunity . . . → Read More: Boden. Oi, Boden.

The Easter Story

So, the kids and I were reading some bedtime stories the other night (Dahl, The F Mr F) and I asked them what they knew about Easter – thinking it would be very little.

Me: “Are you excited about Easter?”

Them: “Yes”

Charlie: “We’re going to get loads of Chocolate”

Me: “Only if you’re good. . . . → Read More: The Easter Story

Tate or Tat?

I know which i’d choose.

Lady Mallard – Paint on paper: Circa 2014

I don’t quite know what’s going on in that young head of hers, but i sure as hell like it.