A Crippling and Debilitating Disease

Scarlet Fever is a heinous condition.

Although not as serious as it was a century ago, the disease lays waste to all it comes across.

It affects, not only the afflicted, but their families and indeed whole communities.

And as such, because we are suffering ourselves right now with our own son, Charlie, I feel . . . → Read More: A Crippling and Debilitating Disease

Another Victorian Illness

“It’s not measles and it definitely isn’t meningitis.”

I’m not sure how many times i said that yesterday, in between the ‘Glass tests’ and temperature taking of the boy who, apart from being a bit lacklustre, bunged-up in the nose and with a rash on his chest and neck, was pretty normal.

Although, his complaining . . . → Read More: Another Victorian Illness