For the foreseeable future, Mathilda is apparently adding the phonetic sound of ‘n’ to the beginning of the word yeah.

As in..

“Are you feeling tired darling?”


Like eating properly and sleeping through the night, i’m sure this is just a phase she’s going through.

I will keep you updated on how it develops.

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Outsider Art

We went for a walk along the beautiful chalk downland that gently rises around Great Chesterford.

Charlie and I with our binoculars (bunch of Rooks, Gulls and one solitary Yellowhammer) and Mathilda with her felt tips and sketch pad.


She spent her time drawing some interesting pink birds, whilst Charlie spent most of . . . → Read More: Outsider Art

Poo Face

Charlie (on the loo): Daddy, you know when my poo is coming when i make a face like this.

Me: What face?


Just look at the fists squeezing it out

Long-time readers of this blog may be reminded of another post about Poo Faces.

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The Superhero Bang

The boy really loves to tell a story.

In fact, for some time now he has given up his choice of book at bedtime stories and instead tells his own epic tale of good overcoming evil.

Epic in the true sense of the meaning too.

On and on and on they go, as he acts . . . → Read More: The Superhero Bang

Like a Kid in a Sword Shop

Dreaming at the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge

Christmas List

I’m a man who likes a good prep session before some event or other and H is a woman who loves a good list.

These attributes have obviously rubbed off on Charlie, as no sooner had we packed away the tinsel and metaphorically moved the Advocaat to the back of the drinks cabinet, he was . . . → Read More: Christmas List