Birds of a Feather

Boxing Day at RSPB Fowlmere.

And so it begins…

His father’s son

Mathilda on the other hand moaned all the way around that she had to walk (she didn’t, we foresaw this and took a buggy) and just wanted to go home and “do some art”.

As I said, birds of a feather…


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That’s the number guessed by Mathilda at a recent ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ competition at late night Christmas shopping in town.

And Mathilda won.


Mathilda likes winning.

But she doesn’t like sweets (much).


Not a Dry Eye in the House

“Magical ★★★★★”

“Sensational ★★★★”

“It’s the comedy hit of the year ★★★★★”

These are just some of the overwhelmingly positive reviews that have flooded in following the two performances of this year’s Great Chesterford Pre-school nativity.

And in a not entirely unexpected twist, the star of the show was not Charlie’s enigmatic Joseph.

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This morning, Charlie asked if he could wear a fake moustache to school so [name redacted] wouldn’t recognize him and, in his own words, “wind him up“.

Full ‘Groucho” marks for trying

I’m yet to hear if it worked.

But he does wear it very well.

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