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This just in.

The Nativity world has been turned upside down this morning with the news that Charlie is no longer an Undefined King in this year’s eagerly awaited Lamb of God biopic.

His considerable talents have instead been put to the test in a challenging dual role.

His moving performance as ‘A Star’ in . . . → Read More: ews……….Breaking News………Breaking News…..

Clean and Dirty

Yes! It’s another toilet story.

The developmental differences between boys and girls are endlessly fascinating, particularly to parents of BG Twins (a term that my quick googling has informed me i’ve just made up – probably).

In short, girls get their Schei├če (no German pun intended) together much quicker than boys. They are, as that . . . → Read More: Clean and Dirty

Lead Angel and The King

You can imagine the scene.

Morning recess at Great Chesterford Pre-school and the Dean posts the cast for this year’s nativity on the wall.

There’s a tangible air of expectation as a crowd gathers to see who made the cut.

To a soundtrack of delighted whoops and tears of disappointment C & M push their . . . → Read More: Lead Angel and The King