Holiday Tat

H, Granny and the dynamic duo have just got back from a week in sunny Ibiza.

And, as is their duty, various non-travelling grandparents sent C & M packing with a few Euros in there grubby mits, to spend as they see fit.

In time-honoured fashion they bought a load of tat.

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Ibiza by Charlie

For their birthday this year, C & M were given a digital camera each – one of those twisty vtech things.

Two days later they were off to Ibiza for a week with H and Granny.

The following short exhibition is Charlie’s reportage of that trip.

Ibiza through the lens of a four-year-old.

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After several weeks of unprecedented excitement, including a near continuous countdown of ‘number of sleeps to go’, Charlie and Mathilda are four years old today.

Congratulations once again to all involved.

Just look at their faces

Ok, I admit that I asked them not to smile.

But I didn’t expect them to produce such . . . → Read More: Four

The Haunting Bond of Twins

It is said that twins are capable of some sort of extra sensory bond. A mysterious connection that makes them feel as one.

They can feel when the other one is sad, or hurt. They know what each other is going to say, before they say it. It is almost like, in some ways, they . . . → Read More: The Haunting Bond of Twins