Now, About That Bride Price…

Being the (ahem) erudite chap that I am, i’m well aware that in some cultures a bride’s family pay the groom’s family a dowry, upon the marriage of their respective children.

What i didn’t know until now is that on the flip side there is also a thing called a Bride Price, paid in the . . . → Read More: Now, About That Bride Price…


Our understated, reserved and clearly shy daughter got two stickers for finishing all her dinner the other night.

This is where she stuck them.

Classy Bird

Poo Soup

The boy is off school with the squits.

Yesterday, on discovering this fact in the loo, he described it to H as having done a ‘Poo Soup’.


That is all.



Sport for All

When I was a boy, rather than sticking with the tried and tested sports day, my school introduced this thing called Potted Sports.

In a nutshell there were loads of different “sporting” things to do, you’d score points for each one (no matter how abysmal you were at it) and at the end of the . . . → Read More: Sport for All

Rite of Passage

Yesterday, on a nature walk along the river (Roach, Kestrel, Yellowhammer [heard]) Charlie got stung by some nettles for the first time.

In his own words to Granny and Tilda he ‘didn’t cry but he did moan a bit’.

Another baby-step toward manhood notched on the bedpost of life.

Good boy.

Next week, it’s Chinese . . . → Read More: Rite of Passage

Devon Heaven

We’ve just got back from a fabulous week away with our fabulous friends.

I won’t go on about it other than stating that a very good time was had by all.

That said, the children (ours not theirs) were intent on exhibiting their vast array of whinges a lot of the time.

These two photos . . . → Read More: Devon Heaven