Oh, The Glamour

Since the arrival of Thing 1 and Thing 2, plus our subsequent move out of town, it has become increasingly more difficult for H to enjoy the more refined aspects of life that she was able to when she was a Londoner.

So it was lovely to see her get the opportunity yesterday to leave . . . → Read More: Oh, The Glamour


Being obsessed with superheroes of every description (Batman is top of the pile, natch) Charlie tends to name everything after one or other of them.

What name would you give a dog Charlie?


What’s your favourite flower Charlie?

The Spidermanflower

What are you going to shout when we go over this hump-back bridge . . . → Read More: Butterflies

Birthday List

What with their birthday being a mere 4 months or so away C & M have taken it upon themselves to dictate a list of gift requirements to H.

The following is a photograph of said document.

I’m particularly fond of Charlie’s 4th line item.

And please note, the gender stereotyping is completely of their . . . → Read More: Birthday List