The Painted Lady

The problem with encouraging creativity in your children is that it’s hard to know where to draw a line in the sand.

Just look at her face

Unless you’re me of course. My line in the sand is drawn just before any suggestion of face painting is put forward.

Daddy’s prerogative.

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Queen Important

I spent quite a lot of time this weekend trying to think of ways to build a fun story around the following fact.

But I couldn’t.

So here it is.

On Saturday morning, Mathilda declared that she was to be known as Queen Important.

That’s right.

Queen Important photobombing a SuperHero photo shoot yesterday

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Now That’s Magic

The following is a transcript from a conversation between H and Charlie yesterday.

C: Mummy? Mummy?

H: I’m upstairs Charlie.

C: I need a wee and a poo.

H: Oh, Ok i’ll be down in a second.

Short Pause.

C: Mummy. I’ve done one in the potty.

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“Mummy, You Need Cooking Lessons”

As said by Mathilda after H burnt their fish fingers so badly it caused the grill to catch fire and the smoke alarm to go off.

And I really couldn’t agree more.