Chocolate Smade

When I was a young and cheeky 5 year old I learned some popular playground patter that had me troubled for many years.

As my chubby cheeks and rolls of baby* fat testified, I was quite au fait with the many varieties of chocolate.

Bars of chocolate, chocolate bars, biscuits, buns and cakes – if . . . → Read More: Chocolate Smade

The Concise Guide to Mathilda’s Rabbits

Since birth Mathilda has developed what one might call a lagomorphic obsession.

That is to say, she is infatuated with rabbits.

She has a rabbit habit.

She is a functioning addict and can generally go about her day without fuss, as long as there is a bunny, or as she insists, a Bun, within a . . . → Read More: The Concise Guide to Mathilda’s Rabbits

Maybe She’s Born With It…

If you performed some sort of weird physical Venn diagram of all the role play that went on in our house you end up having a tea party between the Disney Princess a la mode (this week it’s Aurora from Sleeping Beauty), who has lasers for fingers and can kill evil witches with just one . . . → Read More: Maybe She’s Born With It…

Good News and Bad News

And so there is a new trend sweeping through the halls of Barcroft this winter. A fresh joke format is creating much mirth in the more junior members of the family.

Not exactly sure where they picked it up from, but we suspect it’s that Cbeebies ubiquity Justin from the telly (if you haven’t seen . . . → Read More: Good News and Bad News

David Hackneyed

That greatest of British artists David Hockney may be a pioneer of fine art on the iPad, but his school has a new disciple.

The first of many i’m sure, and being pink, and a flower (as oppose to a superhero robot-gun) i don’t think i need to tell you which of my eponymous blog . . . → Read More: David Hackneyed