Spiderman, Spiderman…

does what ever a spider can – in a pink fairy dress.

Welcome to our very own, cross-dressing superhero.

Spidey Nonsense

Cinderella isn’t happy mind – isn’t happy at all.

Charlie Says…

On getting out his winkle to do a ‘Stand-up boy wee’ he announces, in a strange high-pitched tone…

“I’m just gonna get out my little Pecker”


Buff Divers

As I write it’s day five of the Olympics and the God Mod, plus those two lovely lady-rowers, have scored the first golds for TGB.

Well done all.

However, it was two days ago that Olympic fever really took hold in our house, when Team GB’s pin-up boy, Daley Thompson, and the other bald, less . . . → Read More: Buff Divers

Stacking It To The Man

Every week our house is visited by The Man.

Quite often The Man is a different man to the man who was The Man the previous week, but he always comes, sometimes late, sometimes early, in his blue and white van.

The Blue and White Van Man.

The Man delivers our food – our food . . . → Read More: Stacking It To The Man