Starrs of the Silver Screen

Keeping up with who’s who in our house can be a bit of a nightmare.

When i mean who’s who, i mean which TV/Film character has been divvied out to which family member by, usually, Tilly – our entertainment ombudsman.

It seems that for children of a certain age, it is necessary to be anyone . . . → Read More: Starrs of the Silver Screen

Gîtey Weather

And so we return from our first family holiday and one whole, glorious day in the Charente-Maritime region of France. The rest of the week was a plan-busting mix of broken cloud and torrential downpours.

But oh, we’ve had fun.

It went like this…


Overnight crossing – Porstmouth to St Malo

It was the . . . → Read More: Gîtey Weather

Diamond Geezer

She really does do a great job.

And to celebrate we went to Granny & Grampa’s village Jubilee shindig.

But oh, how the times have changed since 1952. Back then an egg and spoon race was just that, a race with an egg and a spoon in hand.

Now, probably because of the Eurozone whatnot, . . . → Read More: Diamond Geezer

A Potent Mix of Chavs and Hippies

And so to Charlie and Mathilda’s first festival.

Not a proper one, i think H is scarred for life from her two wet and muddy visits to Glastonbury, but the one-day TyeDyeAgeddon that is Cambridge’s Strawberry Fair.

First stop, face painting.



Followed by massive (and completely annoying and unnecessary) balloons (not . . . → Read More: A Potent Mix of Chavs and Hippies