The Whale And The Crocodile

At the weekend, whilst enjoying the sunshine in the garden i had the most amazing conversation with Charlie to date.

Can’t really remember how it started but it soon became apparent that Charlie had a story to tell. One that he was, rather excellently, making up as he went along.

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Granny’s Pants

Like most families with nippers we do a reasonable line in dressing up.

Pretty standard fare to be honest – pirate hat/sword/eye patch, fairy / princess dresses, WWII American GI helmet. Nothing too sophisticated. That said, C recently tried on a friends Buzz Lightyear two-piece and seems to have a hankering for his own.

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See You At The Bug Concert!

So said Mathilda as she left for Pre school the other week (i know, a bit belated this one), as i was nursing a hangover after the last night of a long contract i’d been on.

This was the first ‘show’ they had put on since our two had been attending.

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Mug Shots

Our first family holiday is fast approaching and as such C & M needed passports.

As we all know one should not smile in one’s passport photo. It’s just not the done thing.

And being two (and 2/3) is no exception.

The children were instructed so, and the results are well, i dunno – you . . . → Read More: Mug Shots

Read It & Weep

So to story time, and a more traditional exchange of parent/child bonding you could not wish for.

Due to my temporary long commute, i currently only get some of the weekend shifts, leaving the weekly rounds of “Are you sure you want Spot goes to School? It is a little young for you darling. How . . . → Read More: Read It & Weep