Priceless Princess

As infatuations go, Mathilda’s current love-in with Cinderella is pretty epic.

She is Cinderella.

So much so in fact, that a lot of the time she won’t even acknowledge you at all if you use any other name.

Yesterday, H had to reenact the scene where the Fairy God Mother is sitting on a bench, . . . → Read More: Priceless Princess

An Open Letter to my Son

April, 2012

Charlie Rock Starr,

We chose your name to give you strength, like a boxer in the ring. Peace be with you, my beautiful boy, my ray of sunshine.

You came to us, with your equally beautiful sister, over two and a half years ago, yet it seems like yesterday when I first held . . . → Read More: An Open Letter to my Son

Dead Fond Tutu

All is well again.

The cloud has been lifted and it now seems that Mathilda is right happy about the frilly pinks.

Not sure if it was Charlie’s twirls or my persistant niggling but the Tutu now appears set to be Tilly’s goto outfit when she feels the need to ‘Princess it up’ a bit.

. . . → Read More: Dead Fond Tutu

A Pirate Dancer

A dancer for money*

Yes, every grey cloud has a pink frilly lining and Charlie has taken it upon himself to try to encourage Tilly to reconsider her position on the whole tutu episode.

Apparently, he likes the way it spins

Shimmy M'Timbers

So far he’s had no luck.

But man, he’s gonna . . . → Read More: A Pirate Dancer


A gloom has descended over Barcroft.

Only a small one, more like a grey cloud in fact, a bit like the one Perkin found himself under in that episode of The Flumps. But a gloom none-the-less.

It all began with the fact that Tilly loves to have a bit of a dance, but doesn’t much . . . → Read More: Disappointment

The Naked Chef

Charlie shares his buns with the rest of the family