Andy’s Poo Adventures

Ok, i have another Tales of Tilly’s Toilet story to report.

It’s not that i’m particularly infatuated with Mathilda’s bowel movements, but we are in a period of potty training, and i can only work with the material i’m given. Plus, and i know you other parents know what i’m on about, it actually takes . . . → Read More: Andy’s Poo Adventures

Public Toilet

It went like this…

Tilly needed a poo. She waited patiently until the shopping was paid for but turned down the offer of using the loos in Tesco due to her morbid fear of hand-driers.

So a porta-potty car park poo was on the cards.

But she is a modest young thing, and insisted on . . . → Read More: Public Toilet

Bird Poo

Warning: In this post you may find some genuinely useful advice.

The washing of C&M’s hair is generally a traumatic experience in our house. I’m sure we’re not alone.

There are two techniques employed.

H has a softly, softly washy monkey approach where she reassures and cajoles the children into accepting the inevitable.

And the . . . → Read More: Bird Poo

Not a Pretty Picture

I don’t want anybody to dwell on the visual imagery that this story conjures up, it ain’t nice.

The conversation however is a classic.

Let’s set the scene. It’s this morning, i’m on the way to the shower, and the children are on the landing.

I am naked (i warned you).

H has Tilly in . . . → Read More: Not a Pretty Picture

Alter Egos

Is it a bird, is it a pain (most of the time, yes), it’s…


Yes, due to a freak accident in a Hollywood Boulevard Tat Store, Charlie will now confusingly change into FOOTBALLMAN, whenever he dons his LA Lakers Basketball outfit.

Probably to thwart the evil efforts of his baseball-loving nemesis, CRICKETCHAP.

That . . . → Read More: Alter Egos

Trouser Socks

Having worked in marketing for some years i think i can recognise a good idea when it comes along. You know, something that could fill a gap in the market.

And so apparently can Charlie.

With all the snow and cold weather we’ve been having recently, H decided that to go and play in the . . . → Read More: Trouser Socks

That Old Chestnut

We’ve reached week five of pre-school and it’s blatantly obvious who the academic of the family is.

It’s Charlie. He loves it. He just dives straight in and half-heartedly throws together some gloopy glue/paper affair (he’s not the artist in the house) without a care in the world.

So much so that he didn’t even . . . → Read More: That Old Chestnut