Charlie has just told me that when he grows up he wants to be, and i quote, “..fat like Daddy.”

That’s my boy.

Nappy Happy

Like a recently reformed alcoholic, Mathilda has been dry for 3 weeks.

A fact she celebrated with gusto all day yesterday by insisting on only wearing Charlie’s pants.

Must be a comfort thing.

Of course it makes no odds to the boy, as he is more than content to continue his regime of just letting . . . → Read More: Nappy Happy

A Liberal Rebranding

Logging all the times The Horrors ‘Do Bird‘ when they’ve stepped out of line seemed like a good idea when i started it.

Now however, during this wonderful period of terrible twos, they get slammed in the clink on a near daily basis. For the same crime most of the time too.

Charlie flatly refuses . . . → Read More: A Liberal Rebranding

Family Portraits

You may remember Mathilda’s recent foray into the world of art.

Granny or a Chicken has been received well by the critics and as such, our budding Emin has felt compelled to continue to work on a series of portraits.

In this series she has looked deep into the soul of those who are sitting . . . → Read More: Family Portraits

Pasta Shapes

So week three at Pre-school is upon us and already we are starting to see a torrent of tat array of beautiful Object’D’art arrive at home in a flurry of ‘aren’t i clevers’.

Last week it was a classic – the ‘ole pipe-cleaner and penne combo.

And like a seabird-coating slick of crude on the . . . → Read More: Pasta Shapes

News Just In…

Mathilda just did a poo in the potty. We want to make a big deal of it so H has just got my clever girl to phone me at work and tell me.

Give it up for Mathilda!

It does though beg the question, what sort of biscuit does that deserve?


Ham It Up

Parents have to deal with lots of gross things. Doubled up of course when you’re the parents of twins.

At lunch on Saturday however, Poo and puke aside, Charlie took gross to a new level.

Amongst a multitude of ‘Picky bits’ on the table we had some Parma & Serrano Ham.

Wafer thin and delicious . . . → Read More: Ham It Up

Where Do They Get It From?

Lets make this clear, C&M are two. Two years, four months and about eight hours to be exact.

So where they are picking up some of the terminology they use, at such a tender age, i really don’t know.

I do, it’s us. Obvs.

Anyhoo, here are a couple of very recent examples of surprising . . . → Read More: Where Do They Get It From?

Too Cool at Pre-School

My first day at school was full of stubbornness, foot-stamping and tears. Lots of them.

A hateful experience.

Markedly different it seems to the experience C&M had today with their first foray into the formal education system.

The general deal is that the parent(s) hang around until the Rookie pupils feel comfortable and then leave . . . → Read More: Too Cool at Pre-School

The Nightmare Just After Christmas

Tilly had her first dream the other night.

Well, i suspect she’s had loads, even before she was born i’d imagine.

I wonder what that’s like, dreaming about stuff before you have even opened your eyes. Or breathed. Or smelt anything.

All she’d have to go on is H and my voices and the occasional . . . → Read More: The Nightmare Just After Christmas