The Christmas Spirit: Part Two

Granny came over to collect some presents yesterday.

Now, i’m not sure that the children know what to expect from Christmas. I mean, they recognise Santa and all that, but they are nowhere near the levels of excitement that i expect them to reach in the coming years.

They do know what presents are though.

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The Christmas Spirit: Part One

This year saw C&M’s first experience of the Advent Calendar.

We got them a non-chocolate dispensing one, not for any morale reasons, just that Mathilda, weirdly, insists on not liking chocolate. And we couldn’t find one with Jelly Tots in.

True to form, all the windows had been opened by the 21st (can’t watch them . . . → Read More: The Christmas Spirit: Part One

Fact Attack

As this is the 200th instalment of life with The Horrors i thought it only apt to write something of substance, rather than the usual guff about poo and bad parenting.

So here’s an interesting Fact Attack about boy / girl twins. When i say this is fact, it is only substantiated by a experimental . . . → Read More: Fact Attack


The following conversation occurred on H’s return from a recent trip to the GP.

Its conclusion may have something to do with the age-old, ‘Got your Nose’ sleight of hand that i bore the children with on a near daily basis. Mine is also augmented with a ‘gonna pop your nose in my mouth and . . . → Read More: Rhinoplasty

Art for Art’s Sake

As some of you may know, when it comes to the visual arts i’m more Perry Mason than Grayson Perry.

H on the other hand is rather good at drawing and wotnot, which is where i suspect Mathilda, in particular, gets her enthusiasm for art and all its trappings.

You can see the way she . . . → Read More: Art for Art’s Sake

They’d Call it Meyyow Yeyyow

Quite Rightyy…

At almost 2 ¼ I think it’s fair to say that C&M are in the very top percentile (child developmental term, not mine) of verbal communications.

Diction, context, syntax – it’s all there to varying degrees, as anyone who’s been fortunate to hear Charlie’s life story, at length, will testify. Wouldn’t want to . . . → Read More: They’d Call it Meyyow Yeyyow

Laughing in the Face of an Adverse Daddy

Here’s a question: When does a naughty child turn into an infuriating bastard?

I’ll tell you.

I’ll tell you when.

When they’re sitting on the naughty step listening to the reasons why they are about to serve their two minutes of incarceration and they look straight into your puffing, red face and start laughing.

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