Charlie Parkour

Below is a short film I quite literally fudged together of Charlie practicing his new infatuation – jumping off things.

We all know it will end in tears.

Charlie George

Charlie George was a an English footballer of some repute, and a more surly, 70’s looking soccer player you will not see.

This is not about him though.

This is about Mathilda, and the fact that, not content with using his given name, has decided to start calling Charlie, George.

Not all the time, but . . . → Read More: Charlie George

The Little Shop of The Horrors

So it seems the extra space afforded to us by our new house has allowed us, quite unexpectedly, to open a shop.

As retail establishments go it is a rather eclectic affair, selling anything from cakes and sandwiches to Noo-Noos and Norman from Fireman Sam.

And everything costs Tenty P – which makes things easy.

. . . → Read More: The Little Shop of The Horrors

Announcement of the Month

In fact, it could even be announcement of the Year.

You know, growing up is all about learning what not to do.

Don’t pick your nose. Don’t call your Mummy Hanna. Don’t stick your hand in the blender.

Etc and so on.

And it seems that putting your hand down your nappy at the wrong . . . → Read More: Announcement of the Month

Mango and Cash

They don’t mix.

Well according to the boy that is.

You see, Charlie is rather fond of Mango. Ever since he was first able to shove his sticky paw into a packet of H’s M&S Mixed Fruit Batons he has found the intense excitement that comes with the fresh, oozing mush of half-masticated tropical goodness . . . → Read More: Mango and Cash

Now, Hands That Do Dishes…

Continuing his meteoric rise to become the Number One Domestic God(ess) in the Starr household, Charlie actually refused an offer of ice-cream after yesterday’s evening meal, citing his desire to do the washing-up instead.

This comes just a few weeks after i left for work one morning to the sound of his toy Dyson giving . . . → Read More: Now, Hands That Do Dishes…