Brother Sister

Discovering where you fit in the family unit must be a confusing thing for a two-year-old to get their head around.

You’re introduced to all these names, prefixes and so on, and left to work out the whole sorry mess on your own.

The finer points of this web of confusion is something that I . . . → Read More: Brother Sister

“I’ve got a simple plan to solve this problem”

This, masterfully eloquent, sentence was spoken by Charlie yesterday when he and his sister were trying to retrieve a DVD from an out-of-reach shelf.

He then ran out of the room to get the things he needed to ‘solve this problem’

Utter genius.

Biscuits for Wee

And so we find ourselves in the midst of another battle for every parent’s right not to handle another crappy nappy, ever again.

Our first steps a few months ago were, at best, a tentative dipping of ones toe in the potty, so to speak.

This time however we have discovered a new weapon in . . . → Read More: Biscuits for Wee

Wearing the Trousers

Imagine you are two years old, a bit bossy and your twin brother is doing something you think is inappropriate.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re Mathilda you put on the deepest, gruffest voice you can muster and say…

“No Little Boy“.

This is just one instruction in an ever-expanding repertoire that our newly . . . → Read More: Wearing the Trousers

Mabel’s Able

The conversations are coming in thick and fast from C&M at the moment.

Below is an excerpt from yesterday morning’s exchange, that revolved around Mabel, Granny’s cat …

M: Mummy, what is Mabel doing?

H: She’s cleaning herself Tilly, what do you think she’s doing?

M: (Whispers) She’s knocking her bum bum.

C: No Tilly . . . → Read More: Mabel’s Able


The following is a conversation between H and Charlie, re the above door sign.

C: Look mummy it’s a baby.

H: That’s right Charlie, it is a little baby.

C: Yes


C: And he’s lying on a bread stick.

Keep looking at things that way my boy, and you’ll go a long way.

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J’aime Charlie et Mathilde

I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday in Paris for work.

Ce qui est bon.

On my return home, C&M were in the bath.

When they saw me they jumped up and with a big smile said…

Bonjour Papa!*

Ce qui est étrange.

Je ne savais pas que mes enfants pourraient parler français.

Comme ce que . . . → Read More: J’aime Charlie et Mathilde

Tesco Fiasco

No doubt it has happened to us all at sometime when we were knee-high to a stormtrooper.

Happily wandering through the supermarket, choosing anything in arms reach – 4 pack of Texan Bars, Family box of Butterscotch Angel Delight, Hoth Wampa.

Equally coveted, equally denied.

And then it happens.


The desperate feeling of loneliness . . . → Read More: Tesco Fiasco

The Last Word in Boho Chic

This term cropped up in my early copywriting career.

The woman who said it was a pretentious idiot and it still makes me laugh.

Quite apt for this little fashionista though.

Shoes, Model's Own.

Sam’s Stuck in Apple’s Front Door

Well not Sam to be honest, it was Dilys.

But for the purposes of a headline that can be sung to the theme tune of C&M’s latest TV infatuation, we’ll stick with Sam.

Let me explain.

At the weekend we went to Cambridge. A lovely place, even if it is full of tourists and students . . . → Read More: Sam’s Stuck in Apple’s Front Door