Gender Stereotypes

So, Walthamstow is now a near distant memory and we are ensconced at Granny & Grandpa’s for the next few weeks while we wait to move into our new home.

Granny & Grandpa live in a picture-postcard thatched cottage in the middle of nowhere.

This is a good thing.

My commute however has changed considerably.

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Baby Monitor

Overheard on the baby monitor whilst we were in bed yesterday morning.

Charlie: Tilda, Tilda, i’ve hurt my arm.

Charlie: Tilda, i’ve hurt my arm.

Mathilda: Ahh, poor Charlie.

A bit of silence.

Charlie: Tilda, i’ve got an idea.

Charlie: Let’s call Mummy.

Mathilda: No Charlie no, lets call Daddy.


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The Best Place to Live in England 2001

I remember some years ago, before C&M graced us with their presence, having a conversation with H.

It was about how i thought bringing up children in London would be good for the first couple of years, a good grounding and wot not, and then i’d like them to experience something a bit more bucolic. . . . → Read More: The Best Place to Live in England 2001



Yes, 730 days ago Charlie and Mathilda made H and I parents.

This day also marks the end of a four day birthday bender that they have been enjoying with cake and presents on each day.

Oh how things have changed.

Notable presents include;

Dolls House (large)

Kitchen (small)

Scooters (micro)

Chalkboard Easel

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Breaking News… Breaking News… Breaking News…

This just in.

In a fast-paced and unprompted exchange during breakfast this morning, Charlie and Mathilda established favourite colours.

On the day before the recently crowned ‘Best Friends’ turn two years old, by-standers were treated to a frenetic bout of bartering between primary and secondary hues, mainly from the more popular colour palettes.

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This morning, Charlie turned to Mathilda and told her that she was his best friend.

Then they cuddled.

That is all.