Dental Floss

Eating Candy Floss is a bit like teenage sex.

Its hard to do it with any dignity and when you’ve finished, you’re guaranteed to have sticky fingers.

(Sorry Mum)

And so we found ourselves at Langley Summer Fete at the weekend and we decided to do our bit for the future of the British Dentistry . . . → Read More: Dental Floss

Political Correctness Gone Mad

Well, not mad exactly.

But cringingly offensive if taken the wrong way.

Which it wasn’t.

But its a good story anyway.

It goes thus.

Since arriving in a cacophony of wails and puke-stained baby grows the children have been frequenting our local clinic in The Stow. Lady Luck shined during their registration and they we’re . . . → Read More: Political Correctness Gone Mad

How to Make Pancakes

So, just to recap.








and Butter.

Oh, and flour.


Mix it (eventually).

Loving the way they have some sort of creative disagreement about what constitutes the perfect pancake at the end.

Like a couple of midget Marco Pierre Whites.

Nude Boy

We went to a wedding.

Charlie spilt a glass of something or another all down him so he had to have a complete change, right down to his nappy.

And then, in nothing but his shoes and Thomas the Tank Engine socks…

Charlie danced.


Charlie: Granny’s got her glasses on.

Granny: Yes i have Charlie, and Daddy’s got his nice green glasses on, i like those.

Charlie: Yes, Daddy’s got his ice-cream glasses on.

Love is in the Heirs

We currently seem to be in the midst of a right ‘ole Love In at Chez Starr.

Over the last month or so we have carried out a strict regime of mental conditioning on the children.

Much like the way one would train a guide dog to sit at a curb with a little doggy . . . → Read More: Love is in the Heirs

A Little Bit of Cute

For your viewing pleasure.