Bedtime 2011

If you’ve been following The Horrors for a while you may recall this wonderful cacophony from early last year.

Tough times for all involved.

However, as a family we have moved on. And this year sees an altogether different take on the bedtime routine.

Every night is party night with balloons, singing and a . . . → Read More: Bedtime 2011

The Life of a Rock Starr

For most, living the life of a Rock Star is nothing more than a pipe dream. An unattainable aspiration that haunts and teases the pubescent mind like a ghostly burlesque performer.

But for my boy, it’s his raison d’etre. Or should i say, his reason for being.

Anyhoo, i thought that it was high time . . . → Read More: The Life of a Rock Starr

Hair Pain

Follicular discomfort this is not.

What it is, is the scream of excitement any time either of our little darlings see an airplane passing overhead – even if it’s a helicopter.

They know H’cpter too, but for the Horrors these two aircraft are mutually interchangeable.

And where do all Hair Pains go?

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