Well Done BigTrack

They are a week away from 18mths and i must say we couldn’t have wished for two more helpful children.

“Charlie, can you give this to Mummy please?”


“Tilly, pass me the buttons please?”


“Right you two, time to wash the car!”

Maybe this summer?!

It really is like having a couple . . . → Read More: Well Done BigTrack

Zygotic Monkey

So you’ve got your gametes, right. They carry all the DNA and stuff. All the nucleic acids that code for proteins that make all the bits of me and you.

And when the gametes sort of, you know, like get it on, they form what we call a Zygote.

Now a Zygote is the first . . . → Read More: Zygotic Monkey

Language Charlie!

It started off as a lovely little film of Charlie going through his repertoire of favourite songs.

Some true classics.

Then the Starlet of the house realised that the limelight wasn’t firmly on her, grabbed the mic and added some of her unique brand of bedlam.

It ends with Charlie, fed up to the . . . → Read More: Language Charlie!


We went to the Barbican for lunch on Saturday.

The food hall was expensive, full of rude posh people with their bratty children and C&M didn’t each much of the £7.50 salad i bought them.

All of which was to be expected.

There was an exhibition of 30ft high 1980s video games though, which entertained . . . → Read More: Barbican

I Pity the Fool

It’s All a Bit of a Blur

If the strap line of this blog ever needed an little more explanation..

…this is it.

“Can you put your mummy on please”

The other day, Charlie managed to put the phone on speaker and call 999 Emergency Services.

That is all.