Muddy Daughters

There have been many, many times over the last 16 months when i’ve felt like singing the blues.

But up until now any Bo Diddley’in would have been a purely acapella affair.

Until now.

Loving that hoedown-esque foot stomping toward the end too.


Counting Update

Charlie can now count Three.

As with Two he has still to master One. But providing One is initiated by someone else, Three is now following Two.

We are currently working on Four.


This is our fridge.

And these are the first of many.

Hot Tubbies

Edie came over the other week. She’s bezza mates with The Horrors.

Thick as thieves the three of them.

Which is why it was no surprise to see them enjoying the toddler’s equivalent of a Jacuzzi Party.

Didn’t see any Cristal an ting to be fair.

But i understand that C&M’s walker was pimped . . . → Read More: Hot Tubbies


For all you youngsters out there, who have not yet mastered the art of eating Haghetti Spoops with a spoon, here is a short series of instructional photographs.

Please do try this at home.

1. Choose your target.

Humans, like many predatory animals, have their eyes pointing forwards, offering excellent binocular vision. This is allows . . . → Read More: Spoonerism

Yule Back Log

Well, that was pretty much the busiest Christmas we’ve ever had.

Tres enjoyable, but man, those little Horrors don’t know when to stop bloody moving.

And what with me working this past week or so this is the first time I’ve had to record Xmas @ 15mths.

So, here’s a bunch of photos and video, . . . → Read More: Yule Back Log