Audley End of the Line

Audley End is a big-ass stately home near Granny & Grandpa’s house.

In the grounds they have a miniature steam railway which takes one through the woods on a lovely little 1 mile jaunt. And of course, this time of year there is a special stop to meet Santa, his elves and a wonderfully bored . . . → Read More: Audley End of the Line

Avant Garde

When Jim O’Rourke started collaborating with Sonic Youth for a few years, the results were a little more left field to say the least.

Gone were the indie anthems like Teenage Riot and 100% and in came the clapping song (it is as you would expect – just clapping) and a live show that involved . . . → Read More: Avant Garde

Mother’s (and Father’s) Daughter

Mathilda has recently been showing that she’s taking the best bits from both her parents.

H’s penchant for style, and my sense of the ridiculous.

As demonstrated in these two photos.

Mathilda Rose – a Lady

What's so funny?

. . . → Read More: Mother’s (and Father’s) Daughter