Mrs Bullpit

Until recently there has only been one Mrs Bullpit in my life.

She was one of my primary school teachers who had a ferocious reputation and liked to wear her grey hair in a bun atop her head.

Or was that Mrs Anstey?

I’m not sure. Anyway it doesn’t really matter as i was only . . . → Read More: Mrs Bullpit

A Messy Business

Not only is eating yogurt good for you, it’s also a whole world of fun.

And hats off to whoever invented the spoon.

Not only can you use it to put food in your mouth, but you can also flick stuff about with it.

And, get this, it’s brilliant for rubbing food of all kinds . . . → Read More: A Messy Business

Talk Talk

We have talkers.

Charlie, polite little so n so he is, can so far say;

Bye bye





Uh oh

Mathilda on the other hand can only say one thing;


The foundations have been laid.

—————————————————————- Update: today Charlie said sausage —————————————————————-