We Don’t Need Another Hero…BaDaDum

The fighting has started in earnest.

Mathilda wants absolutely everything that Charlie has got and when she gets it, Charlie cries. I wouldn’t mind so much but we’ve got about 18 or so years of this at the very least so i do feel that i need to nip it in the bud as it . . . → Read More: We Don’t Need Another Hero…BaDaDum

Biscuit Face

Life is a succession of small hurdles that all of us have to overcome. The first solo flight on a bicycle, sans stabilizers for instance.

School, ginger hair and teenage girls to name a few more.

And for some it’s trying to finish your rusk when your bib has flapped up over your face.

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Charlie’s Angels

It appears that Charlie has his first crush. This morning, whilst BBC Breakfast was on, he suddenly stopped what he was doing and gawped at the TV with an almighty grin on his face. And the object of his affection? Louisa Preston. BBC London’s early morning Rizla Teeth substitute.

Louisa is on . . . → Read More: Charlie’s Angels

Fresh Skills

The Horrors have developed a new skill.

They can now sit up unaided for at least 5 mins. At which point they get a bit bored and do that manoeuvre that parachutists do when they land, you know, with the legs and rolling to the side.

Like this fella.

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Yo Gabba Gabba

A little while ago i blogged about the various pre-school TV programmes that i’ve been subjected to recently. To which a friend of mine (Kirsty Cameron nee Fleeton in Melbourne – that’s right, this blog is inter-goddamn-national) mentioned that i should check out the show a Yo Gabba Gabba.

So i did.

Thank you Kirsty, . . . → Read More: Yo Gabba Gabba

How to wipe a baby’s face

A guide for new parents:

It’s very simple. Just follow the instructions.

1. Take a moist wipe.

2. Place wipe with your hand to the left or right of your childs face.

3. Now very gently press into your childs cheek.

4. Your child should now quickly, and with an element of frustration, move his . . . → Read More: How to wipe a baby’s face

Work, Work, Work

Hence the lack of activity on this blog.

Normal(ish) service will resume forthwith.


We have gone commando.

The ‘pivot about the head’ rolling motion that up until now has done The Horrors so proud has given way to bona fide bum-in-the-air forward motion.

Tilda was first, lunging paratrooper-like towards one of the many, many brightly coloured objects that have found their way into our home (or was it . . . → Read More: CRAWLAGEDDON

A Good Friday

Had a family day out on the South Bank yesterday.

Had a smashing time although, we did discover that taking a double buggy round the Aquarium on a bank holiday, even if you go fairly early, is a really, really rubbish idea

I also think the children probably thought we were walking through a television . . . → Read More: A Good Friday