This morning, whilst playing on the mat, Charlie rolled over to Mathilda and farted on her head.

That is all.

Squeezing One Out

Been trying to get this footage for ages.

It never, ever fails to make me and H laugh our arses off.

Without doubt will be used to devistating effect in about 15 years time when she brings a boyfriend home to meet us for the first time.

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Hey…HEY….Simmer Down!

This morning, i saw the future – and I’m not sure i like it.

It went somewhat like this;

C & M on mat, rolling about a bit with their toys apres breakfast.

M picks up Mr Papillion (what a surprise).

C sees M with Mr Papillion, rolls over and takes him from her.

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Cursery Rhyme

Ever since the Demonic Duo graced us with their presence I’ve sung them a little ditty. The tune is based on the classic Nick Nack Paddy Wack and it’s so familiar to them, the first couple of bars brings them out in the broadest of broad smiles – tres cute.

It’s their favourite song.

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This Week, the Most Excellent Thing in the World is…

You may recall that last month the children had a rather intense infatuation with a sponge. This, however, turned out to be a rather short lived veneration. In part, this was due to the fact that we thought all the sucking and squeezing of bath water could have contributed to the following week-long barfarama. But . . . → Read More: This Week, the Most Excellent Thing in the World is…

Charlie’s Rock Stars

An occasional series:

#1 – Keith Flint

Feel our Pain

As an addendum to my previous post, please take a moment to experience the joy of bedtime at our house.

Needs sound and play it loud for full, horrifying effect.

Please pay particular notice of the melodic harmonising at around 18/19 seconds.

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Weapons of Mass Sedation

So we’ve rolled up the bunting and put the champagne back on ice. Parity was restored this weekend as Horror M, or Mathilda as she’s sometimes referred to, decided that sleep wasn’t on her agenda.


Last week’s partial success was apparently due to the fact that they were poorly – as soon as they . . . → Read More: Weapons of Mass Sedation

It’s time to roll out the bunting, coz…

Oh My God, it’s EVERYWHERE

Like a display of gushing chocolate fountains at an ExCel Wedding ’07 Show, babies and puke are a nailed-on inevitability.

Anyone who regularly handles a small child is probably more than familiar with that warm, wet sensation that runs down the knuckles and collects in a small pool in the folds of their trousers.

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