Vincent Van Go… Go… Get Out

Charlie, Mathilda, their Granny and I went to see the new Van Gogh exhibition at the Royal Academy last week. We were feeling young and vital and brave and bold after a successful trip to The Tate Modern the day before. We were looking forward to it. However like all things…

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Sponge Bath

Infatuation can come in many guises.

Jet from Gladiators, the Daiwa Barnsley Black Shadow 12ft carbon match rod, the perfect pressure flip, Jet from Gladiators – at some point in my youth all of these have provided a crushing obsession of some sort or another.

And why not. It teaches one about love and loss. . . . → Read More: Sponge Bath

Me and My Boys

Sunday Bloody Sunday

What a lovely day it was today.

Nanny & Grandad (that’s my Mum & Dad for the uninitiated, for H’s Mum & Dad see Granny & Gramps) have been up for the weekend and as it was so sunny we went for a walk over the marshes.

Ended up at the pub for a markedly . . . → Read More: Sunday Bloody Sunday

Get Ahead…

Brrrrrr! Cold innit?

Good thing The Gruesome Twosome have a large selection of hats to choose from then. We didn’t buy any of them. Various aunts, uncles, best friend’s mums, etc, with deep concerns for the overall well being of our children’s heads, have supplied them over the last few months.

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Solid Gold

Today, C&M had their first experience of solid food. I say solid, but baby rice is actually the definition of mush. A thick, probably tastless, and very viscous substance reminiscent of wallpaper paste.

See for yourself how they got on…

Fantastic entertainment for any new parents i can assure you.

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Aces High

The musical education is gathering apace. Last week it was Rock Ballads and the Seattle Grunge scene of the early ninties. Mathilda particularly liked Whitesnake’s Is This Love during the former compilation.

This week we’ve changed tack though and had a bit of The King, as he’s been on the Beeb all this week, some . . . → Read More: Aces High

Einstein a Go Go

I’m not a massive fan of Disney. No matter how much the Horrors beg me when they’re older, and I’m sure they will, I’m not taking them to a Disney World of any description. End of Chat.

I guess it’s because I’ve never like the twee-ness of it all. It feels like an organisation that . . . → Read More: Einstein a Go Go