The Hand of Dog

Our children’s hands smell.

Not of dogs of course, that’s just for the purposes of a marginally witty header. No, it’s more like a combination of sour formula, sick and perhaps a bit of wee.

We do clean our babies on a daily basis you understand, but we can’t seem to get rid of the . . . → Read More: The Hand of Dog

Breaking news, breaking news, brea…

This morning, some pikey little shit at twins club not only launched a hard, plastic toy at Charlie, hitting him on the head and making him cry like he hasn’t done before, but then, BUT THEN, went on to stamp on Mathilda during the final sing-song.

Forgive me if i sound a little like an . . . → Read More: Breaking news, breaking news, brea…

Lily Pollen

Last night, Charlie was helping me do some chores.

I say helping, in reality he wouldn’t stop bloody whinging so i had to do them with him strapped to my chest in his sling. Anyway, we had to dispose of a large bunch of dying lilies into the composter in the garden.

Pretty simple, even . . . → Read More: Lily Pollen

Charlie rocks

Last night, when I got in from work, Charlie heard my voice, turned and smiled at me. And then went a bit coy, and then smiled again – a lot.

It was a heart-meltingly wonderful moment that I will never forget.

Mathilda, on the other hand, couldn’t bear to tear her eyes away from the . . . → Read More: Charlie rocks

Tilt-Shift Sleep

Shot with the tilt-shift cheater on m’AyeFone. Not the best example of tilt shift photography, but still, they look pretty cute.

A Little Gripe

This is an open letter to Woodward’s Gripe Water:




WA16 3HS

Dear Sirs,

It is with some regret that i feel compelled to write this letter as i do feel, from the bottom of my heart, that your famed elixir is a baby calming potion of the highest order. Time after time . . . → Read More: A Little Gripe

Happy Breakfast

It’s such a laugh at our house.

Try telling that to Mum and Dad when you won’t go back to sleep at four in the morning you bloody metalists.

Charlie Grandad

Bringing Home the Bacon

I went back to work today. Two months off being Dad has come to an end.

I now get up, SSS, dress and feed the babies.

When i come home it’s feed, bath bed. (not sure what the Horrors are doing, BaDum Tish!)

I’m not sure i like it.

Oh well, at least i don’t . . . → Read More: Bringing Home the Bacon

We got screamers

8 weeks old can only mean one thing – inoculations. Well, it can mean more things, but for the purposes of this post it means The Jab.

Tetanus, Polio, Hib, Whooping Cough, etc.

The Horrors did very well to be honest. Although we did hear an actual ‘That hurts!’ cry from Charlie (more fool him . . . → Read More: We got screamers