A Few Photos From The Last Week Or So


Double Daddy


Great Auntie Joyce


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Craniosacral Therapy

The other day we took the mentalists to see an alternative therapist.

A Craniosacral Therapist no less.

Nice chap, looked like a cross between Dr Robert Winston and Albert Einstein – let’s call him Dr Winstein.

We went because the technique is meant to alleviate any problems that may have arisen due to a ‘Birth . . . → Read More: Craniosacral Therapy

Winkle Cones

I am about to divulge some very important information, specifically aimed at parents of small boys.

No more will you have to live in fear of the small winkle when changing your child. That warm, wet feeling you get running through your fingers as you reach for a fresh nappy will be consigned to history.

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Anything Tilds can do…

Beautiful. Say no more.

Heaven Must be Missing an Angel

Now, i know every father thinks his little girl is the cutest, most beautiful personification of girlhood that has ever been created, but i really think this to be true of our Mathilda.

I mean, look at her. Look at that gorgoeus little face. Cherubine of cheek, mouth delicately open, as if it was wispering . . . → Read More: Heaven Must be Missing an Angel

On the Ones and Twos

I’ve invented a new pastime.

Anyone can do it. All you need is two screaming babies (preferably of similar age) who need to go to sleep, but are rather vocally determined not to do so.

Lay them side by side in their cot, about a foot or so apart, and proceed to gently rub their . . . → Read More: On the Ones and Twos

Cat Reversing

Our cats have started reversing.

They walk into the room like they always do, kings of all they survey, and the moment they hear a peep out of the gruesome twosome they stop dead in their tracks.

And then, with slow, definate movements, retrace their steps in complete reverse, sinking into the darkness of the . . . → Read More: Cat Reversing

What’s the Formula?

Due to the infernal and relentless crying we’re going through a process of elimination regarding which formula to use.

The nutters do get a bit of booby each every day (lucky things) but the main part of their diet has, up til now, been Aptimal 1

We think this has been giving them an upset . . . → Read More: What’s the Formula?


Thanks to the exceptional generosity of our friends and family we pretty much haven’t had to buy any clothes for C&M.

Which is good because they’re getting through them at an alarming rate.

It seems a long time ago (ten days in fact) that there were rows and rows of small, white babygrows, hanging on . . . → Read More: Presents