Paeds AE

For about the last week or so the twins have been yelling blue murder once or twice a day, approximately an hour after feeding and for up to 4 hours. Not after every feed, but enough to warrant some concern.

We’ve tried everything and today eventually called the Health Visitor for some advice. She told . . . → Read More: Paeds AE


Here’s some nice pictures of the gruesome twosome.

We’re using one for our thank you cards.


It’s been over a week since my last post. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write anything, and it’s not bone idleness either, there just hasn’t been the time.

The last week has been relentless, bonkers, insane.

The time and energy consumed by three week old twins is incomparable to anything I’ve known. If . . . → Read More: Wow


I’ve developed a twitch.

This morning H caught me sitting on the bed, watching Saturday Kitchen and gently rocking my plate of toast to sleep.

This isn’t the first time either. It doesn’t matter what I have in my arm or hand, within a few minutes I’m absent mindedly swaying from side to side.

I’ll . . . → Read More: Rocking

The Sound

It’s beginning to haunt me.

I’ll be taking a number of winks, relishing the peace, enjoying the stasis, dreaming of the perfect carp lake – and then i’ll hear it.


I open one eye. The lights are still. Is there something down there, rooting around my hookbait? Is this the leviathan i’ve waited all . . . → Read More: The Sound

What an Adventure

Today we ventured out for the first time as a family – and very exciting it was too.

After checking for poo and poo-pooing the rain we broke out the Out & About Nipper for its inagural flight and headed for Sainsbury’s – you know, just to get a few bits (cotton wool, formula, dummies, . . . → Read More: What an Adventure



I’m so tired i don’t think i’ll get to the end of this post.

H is asleep on the sofa next to me, grabbing an hour or so wherever she can, C&M are sparko next door, for now. It’s been a long day entertaining the family and wetting the babies heads.

Now i’ve know tiredness . . . → Read More: Tired


This is what my daughter looks like when she’s trying to eructate.


A poo crisis with a difference

The Starr family returned home last night – phew.

H had spent 8 days in the Whipps Cross trenches and was in no fit state to stay another. It took ages to be discharged, damn NHS bureaucracy.

Within 30 minutes of arriving home the place was bedlam. Two tired, novice parents and two tired, hungry, . . . → Read More: A poo crisis with a difference