We’re ready.

The fantasy 36 weeks ‘full term for twins’ date has long been and gone. The nursery is finished. The fridge is full of home made frozen dinners. We have enough nappies to build a castle with. I have read the hypno birthing book, practiced my breathing, massaged my perineum and hired a tens . . . → Read More: Ready!

Cutting some shapes

I’m sure I saw a hand last night. It was a small lump sticking out of the left of H’s belly and I tried to hold it, to shake it and say hi – we’re both desperate to say hi.

It must be getting pretty cramped in there mind you. The shapes that those two . . . → Read More: Cutting some shapes

Swimming with Charlie and Mathilda

Swimming has been my exercise of choice during pregnancy. The yoga classes were on at a funny time and I lost my balance for cycling so swimming it was.

For a short while it eases my aching joints and I feel light again. Once I got used to the fact that I was no longer . . . → Read More: Swimming with Charlie and Mathilda


What is the best way to add a little spice to the imminent birth of your beautiful babies?


Part company with your employer of 3 years with no other job, currently, lined up.


A sharp inhalation of breath…

…followed by the sort of pained expression one adopts after seeing a particularly brave skateboarder perform a crude and fast vasectomy with a handrail.

That’s the response I get from fathers who have just discovered i’m soon to be the Twin Daddy.

Unsettling stuff.

But then again, H and I don’t know any better so . . . → Read More: A sharp inhalation of breath…

Running Out Of Space

I am big now. Soooooo big. There’s not much space for Charlie and Mathilda to move around. We see elbows and heels and feet and heads and bottoms. I’m trying not to think about the state my body will be in after Charlie and Mathilda have arrived. ( Saggy? Stretched? Flappy??? )

I have not . . . → Read More: Running Out Of Space

Big Fat Lady

Mummy’s Little Princess and The King Of The World

We already have 2 babies…our rescue cats Chas and Dave. Twins.

Chas, AKA ‘Big Dog’, AKA “Chassy Mo’ is big and bold and beautiful. He scales walls and goes on adventures. He’s an athlete. He’s the King of the world…but he doesn’t like people much. Apart from Starrman and myself (Starrman for love, me . . . → Read More: Mummy’s Little Princess and The King Of The World

Watching and Waiting

We are waiting. Watching and waiting for Charlie and Mathilda to arrive.

I am full up with babies. I feel like the woman who swallowed a fly – or was it a spider?? – that wiggled and wriggled and tickled inside her. However, unlike the aforementioned lady, I don’t think I’ll die….just explode.

Throughout this . . . → Read More: Watching and Waiting


I saw an old colleague the other night and he said how ‘Roald Dahl’ our choice of names was.

That was quite unitentional to be honest, but at least we can guess what their favourite books might be in a couple of years time.

. . . → Read More: Coincidence