Getting to the end of winter

Winter is coming to a close.

I’m exited and sad at the same time because winter is my favourite season even though I was born in autumn. I find that winter is the best season because you get to spend a lot of time with your family (unless you live far away from them).

Most people love winter for christmas, for the presents and for the sweet advantage but I enjoy winter for family as I said and for the joy of snow, of love and of and how people are so thoughtful and knowing what people want for christmas.

This spring starts on march 1st if you listen to the weather or march 21st if you look at the way the moon is.

So now you know why winter is so important to me!


Last summer I went on the london eye I saw big ben and Buckingham palace. Before that me Daddy and Grandad went to Brownsea island I saw a cannon. When I got into super zings. When me and daddy went fishing all day.(Though we didn’t catch anything). When Daddy introduced us to

The World of Nature!

Nature is incredible, inspiring and fascinating.

Lots of people in the world don’t like nature, they don’t use it for anything or even not wanting to make their garden look nice. I know I can’t do anything to change how people think but today me, Charlie, Dude and Daddy went on a long walk and . . . → Read More: The World of Nature!

Life with doodle-bug

Having a dog is a very hard job. We have to …….

potty train [outside]

training him

putting down the right food

and because he is a tan and white beagle he is very pulley .

that’s all I can thing of about our cute doodle-bug

. . . → Read More: Life with doodle-bug


We’ve had another instance of the otherworldly, psychic bond that we all know exists between twins.

Last week, both the children lost a front tooth AT THE SAME TIME!!

Well, when i say the same time i mean within 30 minutes of each other.

And to be fair, Mathilda’s was so wobbly she could push . . . → Read More: Lisps


Fittingly, to mark the Horrors seventh birthday, H and I had a terrible night’s sleep due to frequent interruptions from C&M.

And a rather enthusiastic Tawny Owl at 3pm.

And so it goes.

Happy Birthday you little Buggers!

Bubbas Forever




. . . → Read More: Seven

With (or without) Pike

You wait. She’ll be vying for gold on that 10 metre board in 2024.

Actually, then there’s all that purvey have a shower in front of the cameras to ‘keep warm’ malarky we’ve been watching at this years Olympics, so maybe not.

Word to your Daughter

The children have my old computer and yesterday Mathilda thought all her Christmas’s came at once when I installed Microsoft Office on to it.

In her own words, “I’m now a proper writer.”

And so she is, as not 30 minutes later she produced this zinger (click below).

Where Does Moonlight Come From

A profound . . . → Read More: Word to your Daughter


How to Make a Baby

A surprisingly insightful summary of IVF from Mathilda.

Well, almost.

…out of your bits.